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Total Bitumen completes M62 and Mersey Gateway projects

Total Bitumen recently celebrated the completion of two high-profile projects in northern England; the M62 J30-31 Surface Regeneration and Mersey Gateway toll bridge surfacing.

Your guide to The Commercial Vehicle Show 2019

Learn more about the UK’s biggest commercial vehicle expo, the Commercial Vehicle Show, and the products and services Total is bringing to the event. 

What are the differences between synthetic oil and mineral oil?

Composition, benefits, limitations: everything you need to know about the differences between synthetic and mineral oils and lubricants.

Total Lubricants looks forward to Commercial Vehicle Show 2019

Total Lubricants is once again exhibiting at the CV Show, where it will showcase its range of products and value-added services to fleet managers and truck and van operators.

How Folia metalworking fluids transformed manufacturing for GKN Driveline

Find out more about FOLIA with a real-world case study. Used by GKN Driveline in Brazil, see the real-world implications and advantages of using a water-based industrial lubricant.

Your guide to the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2019

Total is partnering with the HSBC BWF World Tour Super 100 badminton category. It’s coming to the UK, 6th - 10th March, with the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships.

How Total TIG 6 maintenance and lubrication planning helps manufacturing succeed

If you’re a fleet or plant manager, chances are you have to constantly respond to the challenge of improving the efficiency and performance of your operations.

Motor oil viscosity grades explained

5W30, 15W40, 10W40 – we’ve all encountered designations like these when choosing engine lubricants, but what do they mean and why do they matter when choosing motor oil? These figures represent the engine oil’s viscosity grade, which is the lubricant’s level of fluidity and efficiency at low and high temperatures. In this guide, we look at the various types of vehicle lube grades and what they mean – here are viscosity grades explained.


What is motor oil used for and what are its benefits?

Machines require lubricants in order to run properly, making motor oil an essential element of every vehicle or equipment engine. But what is motor oil specifically used for and what are its benefits?

What is motor oil composed of?

Whether mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic, motor oil consists of a base oil and additives.