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How Total lubricants help drivers in the harshest winter conditions

To help motorists and businesses keep driving through the worst weather, Total has a long list of products designed to cope and tackle the most freezing, treacherous conditions.

Total Bitumen at Hanson Safety Week 2018

Hanson is one of our most valued customers. They are a worldwide company specialising in construction materials.

To-To-To: the TOTAL products you just might encounter this Christmas

We understand that Total probably isn’t the first business that springs to your mind when you think of Christmas

Gyro Air Displays: Air Total takes flight

Partnering with accomplished air show operator Gyro Air Displays is just one of the ways Total Air supports the aviation industry. Find out about gyrocopters and how we help aviators take flight.


Total UK launches ‘LubInstitute’ lubricants training course

Total Lubricants has launched LubInstitute, a certified training course designed to improve industrial operational efficiency and reduce costs

Total EcoSolutions: Why we have introduced warm-mix bitumen products

Traditionally, asphalt is manufactured at elevated temperatures of between 150 and 200°C

The complete guide to finding the right engine oil

Whatever the type of motorbike, car, commercial vehicle or machinery you’re operating...

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery celebrates 50 years of production

At Total, we always ensure our facilities make a positive, longstanding mark on the local communities that surround and rely on them

Total Lubriclean EP – fast and effective open-gear drive cleaning

For industries and manufacturers, cleaning very large pieces of machinery such as open-gear drives can be a difficult and time-consuming process...

Has your flight been powered by Total Aviation fuel?

Nowadays, jet travel might seem as simple as setting off from A to B, but there’s a huge list of things going on behind the scenes to keep aircraft in the sky